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Support Options
Annual Email Support Annual email support is available to all registered users and includes the following benefits:-
Unlimited email support. All support issues must be sent to only
Free minor revision product upgrades
Get answers via keyword searches, natural language queries, FAQ's, and more! Available via the comprehensive help included with ieSupportManager.
Please click here to download a zipped version of our sample support agreement.
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ieComputerSystems asks that all users access our support facility within ieSupportManager. While running ieSupportManager click on 'Help', then 'About' and lastly click on 'Contact Us'. This will launch your default e-mail utility and will automatically fill in a number of items for you. Please fill in the rest of the details about the problem you have encountered. Items that you should include are :-
The version of ieSupportManager in use 
What the nature of the problem is or the exact error message shown (if any) 
Where the problem occurs 
What tasks were being performed at the time of the problem 
What operating system ieSupportManager is running on

ieComputerSystems recommends that users first consult our provided help files, our FAQ Page or our Revision History Page before sending an e-mail. This may save time and frustration and allows us to provide high quality software at a competitive price.

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You can access our latest FAQs via this link or if you prefer you may download a complete list of FAQs from our Downloads page.
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ieSupportManager Installation Guide

For your convenience you can download a zipped version of our installation guide from our Downloads page.
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Sales Queries

Tel: +353 - 1 - 8648720
Fax: +353 - 1 - 8648730

Sales queries in relation to any of ieComputerSystems' products and services can be directed to the fax/phone numbers above or the sales email below. All support issues however must be sent to the support email only.

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Summary of e-mail addresses:-
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